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   DOMONICA, 2055

Birth Date: March, 1997
State: New Mexico

Domonica is a funny, animated, talkative young lady. A Junior in high school, she is doing quite well academically with A's and B's. Her favorite subjects are science and English. Although she can be a bit shy, she has several friends and is quite loyal once she warms up to a person. She enjoys watching funny movies, dancing, listening to music, playing guitar and soccer. She really cherishes family time whether it be outings or staying in. Her favorite foods are Pringles, Poptarts and pizza.Her dreams for the future include graduating high school and continuing on through college to become a veterinarian. Her favorite animal is dogs and in particular, the Yorkie. Domonica will thrive in a loving home and she really wants to be adopted like her two siblings have been whom she would like to keep in touch with.
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