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Brandon, Tabetha and Jade
State: Florida

Brandon is a fun, happy and loving boy. He loves to be active and play outside but he also loves his video and computer games. He is very close with his siblings, Jade and Tabetha and wants very much to be with his sisters and have a family. Tabetha is smart, independent and protective over her siblings. She likes sports and participates in soccer and volleyball. Not one to get swept up in makeup and clothes, Tabetha focuses on soccer and school. Jade is a sweet and funny girl who loves all things "girly." She likes doing makeup and hair and is a talented cheerleader. Although she struggles in school, she is very bright and will do quite well with the support of a family. Brandon, Tabetha and Jade are a close-knit sibling group who want to be placed together, especially in a home with pets!
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