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Jessica & Jazzmine
State: Florida

Jessica, born October of 1996, is described as a charismatic, nurturing, hopeful youth. She likes “doing hair”, cooking, reading, talking on the phone and shopping. A passionate and thoughtful person, she also likes to write poems and short stories. Her caseworker tells us, “Everyone loves Jessica because she is so giving and caring and always provides new hairstyles that are unique to her friends. She is willing to share her clothes and most everything else she has. She is a sweet child that is maturing into a caring young lady.” Currently in 8th grade, she is working to catch up with her peers and attends school year-round to assist her in this. Jessica’s favorite class is English and she hopes to attend college in the future. Jessica wants to be adopted with her sister, Jazzmine. She also has two siblings with whom she maintains contact via telephone and Facebook, and she would like a family who will allow her to maintain contact through those avenues. Jessica wants a family who shows that they really care and who wants to spend time together as a family. She is open to a home with other children.

Jazzmine, born March of 2000, is described as a clever, kind, and compassionate young woman. Some of her favorite activities include drawing and reading. Jazzmine likes being around her sister. She likes attention, although she is able to take a back seat and watch others interact. Jazzmine’s favorite foods are pizza, hamburgers, rice and beans, and chicken. In 7th grade, she particularly likes her science class and wants to go to college someday. Her dream is to one day have her own apartment and be able to cook and care for herself. Jazzmine is great with younger children and looks up to older youth. She would do great in a home with other children. Jazzmine would also like to maintain contact with her other siblings. She wants to be adopted and looks forward to the day her and Jessica join their forever family.

Jazzmine and Jessica are close sisters who look forward to being adopted. They would like a family who listens to them and spends quality time with the girls. They are open to one or two parents.

Photograph by Tony Schreiber

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