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Tyler, Angel & Allan
State: New York

Allan, born June of 2002, is a smart, creative and active boy. He likes to play video games, read, cook, ride his bike and spend time outdoors. His favorite food is chicken wings and his favorite animal is a cat. Currently in 5th grade, Allan receives behavioral support and particularly enjoys his science class. Allan’s dreams for the future are to join the Army and own a Lexus. He wants to be adopted and has expressed that he would like parents who are calm, caring, outgoing and willing to participate in activities he enjoys.

Tyler, born May of 2004, is an energetic and happy child. He likes to build things, read and be outside. Tyler does well with independent activities and prefers not to be in large crowds. He thrives on structure and has a photographic memory. In 3rd grade, he really enjoys his math and science classes. Tyler hopes to be a fireman in the future. He also really wants a family , to belong, and to feel accepted.

Angel, born March of 2008, is a loving and active little girl! She loves arts and crafts, dolls, singing, playing with play-doh and dressing up. Her favorite food is spaghetti. Currently in pre-school, her worker tells us she “absolutely loves going to school.” Angel thrives on the structure and the ability to socialize with other children. Angel always has a smile on her face. She wants to be loved, hugged and accepted.

Allan, Tyler, and Angel are sweet, loving children who want nothing more than to be adopted in a loving home, together. They deserve a forever family who will understand their needs and advocate for them, as well as shower them with love and attention.

Photograph by Gypsy Thorn Photography

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