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Destiny, Hennessey, Damien & Bella
State: Florida

Destiny, born April of 2001, is an intelligent, creative and determined girl. She likes dancing, singing and soccer. Destiny’s favorite food is spaghetti and her favorite subject in school is reading. In regular 6th grade classes, she hopes to be a lawyer or a professional singer in the future. Destiny needs to be adopted with her three siblings. She wants to be adopted but feels “sad, nervous and scared.”

Hennessey, born April of 2004, is an active, energetic boy. He loves to play soccer, watch SpongeBob Squarepants, and spend time outside. Hennessey also likes ice cream and puppy dogs. He is receiving behavioral support in his second grade classroom. His favorite “subject” is recess!

Damien, born September of 2007, is an active, sweet and creative boy. He loves to play soccer and tee ball. Damien also likes praise and positive reinforcement. In pre-school, he has a great imagination. Damien’s dream for the future is “to have fun.”

Bella, born August of 2009, is a shy, inquisitive little girl. She loves to dance, play dress-up, swing, and play in the sand. Bella’s favorite foods are hot dogs, chicken nuggets, bananas and fish sticks. She loves kittens and spending time with her siblings.

Destiny is still available for adoption

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