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Kengie, Kenneth & Herman
State: Georgia

Kengie, born February of 2003, is a friendly child with a bubbly personality. Placed in special education classes, she’s a good student and is learning to stay on task. Kengie likes to play with dolls and spend time outdoors with other children. She enjoys watching television, especially the Nickelodeon and Disney channels.

Kenneth, born September of 2004, is a quiet child who is quite capable of expressing himself clearly when he has something to say. He is a good student in a regular classroom setting. Kenneth loves to play outdoors but is content playing video games inside when the weather doesn’t allow.

Herman, born January of 2007, is a happy boy who frequently wears an adorable smile. His desire to learn new things serves him well in preschool where he is soaking up all that is offered. Herman is happiest playing rough and tumble outside or riding his bike or scooter.

Kengie, Kengie, and Herman would benefit from an active, outgoing, loving family who will encourage them to continue to do well in school and who will involve them in extracurricular activities so they can continue to broaden their horizons.

Kengie and Herman are currently on a HOLD. The agency is still recruiting for Kengie.

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