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Destiny, Jessica, Darby & Brian
State: Georgia

Destiny, born April of 1995, is a joyful, positive teenager who gets along well with others. She enjoys math, and with an artistic side, drawing. She also enjoys playing video games, watching movies, playing ping pong, swimming and cooking. Destiny is very goal-oriented and wants to attend culinary school.

Jessica, born May of 1996, prefers to be called “Jessie.” She is a confident and intelligent teen who does well in all subjects. She enjoys reading, watching TV, listening to music, shopping and being around animals. Jessie is outgoing, loving, and pleasant. She would like to take gymnastics lessons and try out for cheerleading. Jessie is interested in becoming a pediatrician someday.

Darby, born August of 1997, is a very smart and ambitious young lady who likes to read. She is happiest when she is with her sisters and brother.

Brian, born February of 1999, likes playing jokes on others and having Nerf gun “wars.” He also enjoys playing video games, fishing, watching movies and playing with his peers. Brian has good self-esteem and enjoys one-on-one communication.

Destiny, Jessica, Darby, and Brian need to be adopted together by a family who will support them and love them unconditionally. They are very close and deserve to be placed in a loving home where they can flourish and reach their fullest potential.

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