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   DWIGHT, 1771

Birth Date: November, 1995
State: Florida

Dwight is a charming, funny, outgoing young man. He enjoys drawing, poetry, photography, video games, football and basketball. He also likes to sing and rap. Dwight’s favorite foods are chicken, PB&J sandwiches, and milk. To get a good laugh in, Dwight likes to watch Comedy Central or Adult Swim. In 10th grade, his favorite class is Biology. When asked what he’d like families to know about him, Dwight tells us he has two brothers and two sisters with whom he’d like to maintain contact. He says, “Getting adopted is a good thing. I would like a nice, laid back, funny family.” Dwight also shares that he’s a football player at his current school and he would like to continue playing in college, while majoring in Digital Graphics and Design/Fine Arts. He concludes with, “I am artistic and sweet, poetic, kind and intelligent.”

Photograph by Pepito Masterpiece Photography

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