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   ANTHONY, 2082

Birth Date: September, 1997
State: Florida

Anthony is a friendly, curious and engaging youth who likes playing video games and swimming. He loves cars and knows a lot about them for someone his age. He can tell you the differences between cars and he really enjoys doing it! Anthony is currently in the 9th grade and on track to earn a special diploma. His favorite subjects are gym and science. He isn't sure what he wants to do when he is done with school but he hopes he can find a family that he can be a part of forever. He is happiest when he experiencing the love of a family; it doesn't matter what activity they are doing! Anthony would do well in a home with other children as he currently has fun playing games with his two foster siblings. Although he likes animals, he doesn't care if there are animals in the home or not. Anthony has a difficult time adjusting to change in his life and can become easily overstimulated. He would do best in a calm and relaxed family atmosphere that can provide consistent routine and structure.
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