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   KENIA, 2056

Birth Date: June, 1998
State: New Mexico

Kenia is described as smart, friendly and respectful. She is very athletic and does well in volleyball and enjoys working out. She would like to try out for cheerleading this year. Kenia likes to hang out with friends, listen to hip hop music and watch movies. She is interested in fashion and really likes her sweatpants and Nike shoes. Kenia likes to help out in the kitchen and is open to trying new foods. She really enjoys making brownies and her favorite food is pizza. Academically, she does quite well and is currently getting A's and B's. Her favorite subjects are computer science and English and would like to be a school teacher. Kenia would very much like to be adopted into a family with a mom and dad. She wants a mom that will be available to do girl things with and a dad who will protect her and be strict about boys. Commitment from a family that understands teens is important in a household where she is the youngest.
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