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   NIVIQUE , 1196

Birth Date: May, 1999
State: New York

Nivique has a smile that can steal your heart. He loves to read, be active, play sports, listen to music and play on the computer. Nivique has many strengths. He is bright, articulate, and able to talk about his feelings. He is also naturally curious and loves to learn. Nivique is able to form attachments to others. He is friendly, personable, affectionate and loveable. Nivique’s teachers report that he functions best with strict structure and clear expectations. Nivique is currently experiencing sadness and anger about the losses in his life. However, he is eager to work one-on-one with adults and thrives on adult attention and support. Nivique needs a permanent, loving family who can support him and help him to reach his full potential.

Photograph by Rachel Gracie

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