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   TRISTAN, 2105

Birth Date: August, 2002
State: Ohio

Tristan is a friendly, playful, kind and happy youth who loves helping to care for animals on the farm at his foster home. His favorite things to do include eating, camping and swimming. Tristan likes chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. In 5th grade special education classes, of course his favorite subjects are lunch and recess. If he had to pick another subject he liked, it would be math. He loves to play and care for animals at his current placement. Although he does not fully understand the process of adoption, he likes being a part of a family. Tristan says he would like a family that is "nice" and "wants to do things with him". The ideal family for Tristan will allow him to maintain contact with his current foster family to whom he has formed a strong connection. He is looking for a safe and supportive family that will commit to love him forever.
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