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   CORALYN, 2100

Birth Date: March, 1998
State: New York

Coralyn is a talkative, artistic and independent young lady who loves children and has dreams of working for the FBI or in forensics! She is described as fun, humorous, giggly, playful, opinionated, loving and athletic. In 9th grade special education classes, she enjoys Art; her favorite subject is Math and she would benefit from additional support in writing. She is very artistic and likes to draw and paint. Coralyn also enjoys running. Her favorite foods are chicken nuggets and seaweed! She loves animals (especially dogs) and would do well placed with younger children since she loves kids. She dislikes people “being in her space” and may struggle with siblings her own age. Coralyn plans to attend college. She is looking for an active family that is going to love and accept her, quirks and all. Coralyn’s caseworker took this photo of Coralyn while she was on a special outing to reward her for doing so well at her current placement. Her caseworker says, “Coralyn is a great kid who has been through a lot... She is small in stature and sometimes puts on a tough exterior but she has a huge heart. She attaches easily. She would do well in a family setting. Coralyn does need structure and support. She is very busy, always likes to be active.” Are you the committed family Coralyn deserves? She would like to maintain contact with her siblings.
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