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   TINA, 2096

Birth Date: March, 1998
State: Florida

Tina is a sweet, joyful and inspirational young lady who likes having people read to her, talk to her and show her story pictures. Currently in the 10th grade at an exceptional school, Tina is in enrolled in specialized trainable mentally handicapped classes. She likes overcoming challenges and dislikes it when people discount her potential. Tina proves that she is able to pick up new things quickly and as a result, does well in her classes. She recently made honor roll! Her favorite subject is music. Tina had been fed mostly through a g-tube since she was young but she does like soft foods. She has never had pets but is likely to love them due to her sweet, sensitive and caring nature. Although Tina is not capable of understanding what adoption is or what it means to her, the most important thing for her is to have a family who can love and care for her. According to her caseworker, “Tina has made significant improvements since she left the nursing home and moved into a more family like setting.” She believes that “with continued attention and encouragement, she will continue to make progress."
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