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   STEVENSON, 2083

Birth Date: January, 1998
State: Florida

Stevenson is a loving, good-natured and introspective youth. He enjoys listening to music, taking pictures and playing on the computer. Stevenson loves spending one-one-one time with adults and engaging in family traditions like going out to dinner, visiting local amusement parks and going to the movies. He is a great conversationalist and likes to talk about life experiences and what he's learned so far. He's a very insightful person who has a talent for empathizing with others. Currently in the 10th grade, he is working towards a special diploma though he may be able to transition towards a more mainstream academic approach in the future. He enjoys learning and does well in most subjects. He wishes he could be in the Air Force in the future but is unsure if his medical condition will allow him to enlist. He has also expressed a desire to work on ships or drive boats. His caseworker says that, "Stevenson wants to be adopted more than any child I've ever known." His desire for a family knows no bounds and he would loved to be considered for a family out of Florida so he can see a different place!
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