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   GABBIE, 2070

Birth Date: October, 1997
State: Washington

Gabrielle, who likes to be called “Gabbie,” is a helpful, honest and funny young lady who enjoys playing outdoor sports, swimming and watching movies. She is very artistic and likes to create arts and crafts. She really enjoys equine therapy where she is able to care for and ride horses. Her favorite foods are raviolis and chocolate ice cream! Gabby is excited to be a 10th grader and although she is behind academically, she is working hard and enjoying the overall experience of school. She is ready to find her forever family where her caseworker recommends that she be the youngest. Gabby would do well with other children or pets and a family that is patient with her mild developmental delays. It is also important to her to keep in contact with her biological brother who is already in his adoptive home.
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