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   HEATHER, 2043

Birth Date: March, 1999
State: Washington

Heather is an avid reader who loves to go the library. She sometimes checks out 4 books at a time all of which, she is able to read in one week! As a result, she reads above grade level. She is a self-described “tom boy” who likes video games, comic books and watching TV. She very much enjoys interacting with adults. She is doing well in school but benefits from an individualized learning plan for emotional and behavioral support. It should come as no surprise that her favorite subject in school is Reading and in the future, she could see herself as a librarian. Heather would do well as an only child but in her current foster care placement, she is doing well with a few other children. She would do great in a home with pets as she is quite fond of one of a few dogs in her current placement. Although Heather has been disappointed and let down by past adoptive placements, she remains optimistic about finding a forever family. She has been able to look at past experience to determine what kind of family she would most like. Because of her distrust for men, it is recommended that she be placed in a single mom or two mom home, She is very much looking forward to finding a family who will love and support her!
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