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   CHEYENNE, 2019

Birth Date: February, 1998
State: Ohio

Cheyenne is a likable young lady who loves performing and horseback riding. She is described as outgoing, silly and talkative. Cheyenne loves music, singing, arts and crafts and animals- especially horses. Cheyenne is open to trying new things and foods and she loves ice cream. Cheyenne struggles in school due to her developmental delays (performs at a 3rd-4th grade level), but she enjoys English class. Cheyenne is hoping for a family who lives on a farm or will allow her to continue horseback riding. A family that will support her interests (performing) and help her meet her full potential is being sought. She would do best as an only child and would benefit from continued contact with loved ones. Cheyenne has voiced a preference for a Christian family who is “honest and quiet” and does not drink or smoke. She is comfortable with same-sex couples, but hopes for a female parents or a family with “few men”. Are you the forever family for this sweet and talented child?
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