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   KALEB, 2021

Birth Date: February, 1998
State: Washington

A bright and active teenager, Kaleb is a 15 year old ninth grader who enjoys school and tries hard in his academics. Kaleb has a goal of going to college at WSU and wants to be a therapist. He has interest in doing things that he has never done before and enjoys trying new things. When Kalebís life is on track, Kaleb is very outgoing and has a great personality. He is good at making friends and has a great sense of humor. Kaleb's hobbies include playing the clarinet, mountain biking, and hanging out with friends. He is a really good pie baker and enjoys cooking. Kaleb likes to chop wood and loves to fish. Has recently has quit band and marching band and now plays his clarinet in his free time. Kaleb has had many achievements and can achieve anything if he puts his mind to it. Kaleb is very driven to make money and wants to get a job. Kaleb also wants to get his permit and license at 16. Kaleb is looking for a family that is outgoing likes to go on vacations and likes to hang out. Kaleb would prefer to have a home in Washington, but is open minded. He wants a family with a nice house with a big yard. Kaleb is also interested in a family with a dog or two. Kaleb is interested in families with one or two older sisters or older brother. Kaleb has insisted that he does not want to live with huskies and wants to live with cougar fans (we are working on this with him). Kaleb's first choice would be to have a mom and a dad. Kaleb loves to go camping with the family and doing things outdoor. Kaleb is also interested in a dad who is willing to teach Kaleb things such as car work, how to drive, and building things. Kaleb wants to have as much as a normal life as he can; such as having a bb gun, cell phone, and a quad. His social worker is interested in talking with those special, creative, and nurturing single parents and couples who have skills and experience in working with older kids that display oppositional defiant behaviors.
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