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   KENNETH, 2016

Birth Date: June, 1998
State: New York

Kenneth, better known as Kenny, is described as a social, personable and friendly young man. He is fun to be around and enjoys learning. Kenny likes collecting rocks, playing soccer, socializing with others, and spending time outdoors. He also likes “gadgets” like watches and jewelry. Kenny’s favorite foods include pizza and Taco Bell. In 9th grade special education classes, he really enjoys his science and art classes. He has thought about college and is interested in possibly being a geologist, a farmer or a law enforcement officer. Kenny’s dream for the future is to get a good job and to have a family. He would do best in a home where he can receive individualized attention and maybe have an older brother or sister. Kenny likes animals and would do great with a pet. His ideal family will be with a parent or parents who show an interest in him and who will “ask him about his day.”

Photograph by Phil Watkins

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