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   JULIA, 2015

Birth Date: March, 1997
State: New York

Julia is a charming, playful youth. She is rarely seen without a smile on her face and loves playing innocent jokes on her caregivers. Julia loves surprising others and on a recent spa day, wouldn’t let anyone see her as she was getting her hair done. She had her long locks cut into a short bob and was excited to have a “grand reveal” with the new hairdo! She loves playing with Barbies and stuffed animals. She also has her own pet hermit crab that she cherishes dearly and she enjoys visiting animal shelters and pet stores. This May, Julia shined in her beautiful pink gown that she wore to prom and she loved having her photo taken in the photo booth. Although too shy to dance, she enjoyed the buffet and tried almost everything! Julia likes spending time with others and enjoys board games and relaxing while watching TV. She is very excited about adoption and states that she wants a mother. Julia can become very sad and reports wanting a mother to read her stories at night, kiss her forehead good night, and love her the way mothers should love their daughters. Julia will very quickly touch your heart. She wants nothing more than to have a family who will love and care for her, and she asks almost daily if that family has been found yet.
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