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   GINA, 1933

Birth Date: September, 2000
State: Florida

Gina is a talkative, energetic youth with a bubbly personality. She likes singing, riding her bike, drawing, going to the park, and shopping. Gina’s favorite foods are Frappuccinos, cheese sticks, bubblegum and sushi! Her caseworker tells us she’s very creative and a great artist. In regular 5th grade classes, she earns A’s and B’s and does exceptionally well in math. Gina hopes to be a teacher in the future. Her dreams for the future including visiting Michigan and changing her name to “Amelia.” Gina appreciates one-on-one attention and prefers a family who can give her undivided attention. She loves cats and dogs and would do great with a pet. Gina is hoping for a Christian family who lives in the country. She enjoys attending church and would like to be able to go “as a family.”
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