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   TRAVIS, 1825

Birth Date: July, 1994
State: New York

Travis is described as a “playful, thoughtful, sweet” youth. He loves all animals (and is very kind to them), talking to people, Star Wars, non-violent computer games, movies and mythical books. Travis also likes basketball and learning Greek letters. In 10th grade special education classes, he loves “all subjects but math!” Travis hopes to attend a job training program in the future, specifically for computers or media. He also volunteers at a nursing home and does a great job. With special needs that affect his learning and emotional health, he needs a patient, understanding family. Because of his needs, he does not fully understand adoption and has many questions. With that said, he knows that he wants to be with a family and specifically hopes for one who loves each other. Travis needs a family who will take the time to learn about him and his special needs, as well as how they can be met. He would do well in a family with children, or as an only child. Adored by his caseworker, she shares, “Travis has a tremendous amount of love and laughter to share with a family.”

Photograph by Inga Mucha

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