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   INDIA, 1062

Birth Date: March, 1997
State: New York

India is a creative, talkative, happy young lady. She loves arts and crafts (she says it’s “calming”), listening to music and collecting buttons. India prefers giving gifts to receiving them, loves to ride rollercoasters and feels good about adoption. Her favorite foods include steak, macaroni and cheese, and brussel sprouts! In 8th grade special education classes, her favorite subject is math and she hopes to be a veterinarian in the future. India loves horses and hopes to have pets one day. She is a considerate, good humored youth who yearns for a family to choose her. She desires a family who is “nice, generous, caring and loving.” Family is very important to India and she values the existing relationships she currently has, especially with her brothers. India’s caseworker speaks highly of her and tell us, “India does very well with people one on one. She is considerate of others, has a good sense of humor and a big heart.”

Photograph by Phil Watkins

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