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   JAKEAL, 2073

Birth Date: October, 1996
State: Florida

Jakeal is a motivated, goal-oriented young man who plans to graduate high school and attend college at UCLA! Jakeal is described as likeable, mature, religious, self-confident, sensitive, sociable and talkative. His interests include socializing with friends on his phone or through social media and attending church and youth group. In 11th grade, he participates in ROTC in high school and has considered joining the military, in addition to his college plans. He loves music and would like to pursue music production. Jakeal has the ability to pursue his interests and succeed. He would greatly benefit from the love and support of a committed family who could be there for Jakeal as he transitions into adulthood. Jakeal needs an understanding and patient family who will allow him time to build trust in their unconditional commitment. The ideal family for Jakeal would provide encouragement and guidance to achieve his many goals. His workers are looking for a home with children his age and older.
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