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   TIERRA, 1990

Birth Date: September, 2000
State: Florida

Tierra is an honor-roll student with an undeniable appetite for education, drama and music. “America’s Got Talent” has some real competition if she ever sets foot on the stage! Tierra’s singing has earned her star status among her peers. She has made some wonderful life choices, taken a few missteps (as we all do), and has been misled by those she trusted most. Unlike a reality talent show, Tierra is hoping to discover the family who has what it takes to be her leading light. She would benefit from a family who values education, appreciates the arts and is proud of their African-American culture. Families being considered for Tierra should be able to provide her with unconditional love, structure and support. Her forever family will need to provide her with the skills on how to be a part of a family and show her that commitment daily. Tierra has siblings with whom she would like to maintain contact.

Photograph by Lori Griffith

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