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   TRAVINO, 1982

Birth Date: February, 2000
State: Florida

Travino is athletic and always game to play any sport. Indoor hobbies include playing video games, reading Diary of A Wimpy Kid, watching Spongebob on television and watching movies like The Smurfs. Favorite board games include Sorry, Mancala and Monopoly. Travino is sometimes quiet, somewhat serious and often silly. He can be very helpful, respectful and fun to be around. Travino has an abundance of energy! With his commitment and dedication to his schoolwork, and the support of a tutor, Travino has raised his scores by two whole grades! He hopes to find a forever family who will be proud of his accomplishments, no matter how big or small. He hopes they will support him and make him feel confident in achieving his goals. Travino also longs for a family who will compliment him and make him feel special, even though he feels shy and a bit embarrassed when they do. Travino enjoys Christian rap and hopes to join a family of the same faith and values. He loves dogs and would love a family with pets.

Photograph by Lori Griffith

Meet Trevino from Children's Home Society Florida on Vimeo.

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