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   UNIYAH, 1970

Birth Date: July, 1999
State: Florida

Uniyah is described as an ambitious and playful young woman. She likes to write poetry and short stories. She also likes drama and loves to act. Her favorite foods are corn with hot sauce, chicken, beans and rice, hamburgers, and spaghetti with meat sauce. About to enter 9th grade, she hopes to attend college and study theater. Her dream is to be an actor in the future. Said to be a talented poet, it’s no wonder Uniyah’s favorite subject is English. Uniyah would do well in a home with other children. She likes dogs and horses and would like to have a pet someday. Uniyah maintains contact with her siblings through Facebook and would like to continue nurturing these relationships. Uniyah wants to be adopted and yearns for a forever family who is willing to listen to her and spend quality time together. She is open to all families.
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