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   RAMON, 1900

Birth Date: December, 1995
State: Georgia

Ramon is a tall, handsome teen with great manners and a ready smile. He enjoys playing basketball and football, riding his bike and listening to music. He also enjoys playing video games, hanging out with his friends, and drawing. Ramonís favorite thing to do though, is to fish. At school, he enjoys personal fitness and woodshop classes. He is a sweet and articulate young man who makes friends easily and gets along well with peers. Equally pleasant at home, Ramon is helpful around the house, not minding chores or having to keep his room clean. He has expressed a desire to become a construction worker, a carpenter or an auto mechanic, but may also be interested in attending college and pursuing a different field. Fairly outspoken, Ramon has expressed his need to join a loving, adoptive family who will support his desire to maintain a relationship with his sister.
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