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   AYDEN, 1972

Birth Date: September, 2007
State: Florida

Ayden is a social, friendly, and loveable little boy. He loves listening to music and toys that make sounds. Ayden also likes being “out and about” on the town, swimming, and affection from his caregivers. His favorite foods are bananas, fruit, chocolate Pediasure, and anything sweet. He dislikes vegetables, mashed potatoes or anything with too much texture. Ayden loves going to preschool and riding the school bus. His favorite preschool activities are music and circle time. Ayden thrives with other children around but needs lots of one-on-one attention because of his medical needs and disabilities. He loves hearing the sounds animals make. His current foster parents have dogs and he would love to listen to a bird. Ayden’s worker tells us, “Ayden is very loveable and has a good spirit. He is very social and fun.” With Ayden’s special needs, he will need a lifelong caregiver who can provide him with the love and attention he needs to thrive.
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