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   PATRICK, 1950

Birth Date: June, 2003
State: New York

Patrick is a bundle of energy! Outgoing and eager, he loves to spend time with “grown ups.” Patrick recently learned to ride a bike and he enjoys showing off his skills. Patrick has an incredible imagination and loves to act out games he creates. He has been on a very health-conscience diet, enjoying home-cooked meals and healthy options. He is not a picky eater and loves to try new things. An animal lover, Patrick hopes for a dog in his future home and would be especially excited if that dog was a Husky. He likes teaching dog tricks and gets a kick out of it when they listen to him. In 3rd grade special education classes, his favorite class is physical education. Patrick is a very smart child and can do well when he puts forth the effort. He is especially good at math and has memorized all of his multiplication facts! In the future, he aspires to join the army. Patrick is nervous and excited about adoption. He deserves a family who can understand his past trauma and give him the unconditional love and support he needs. Photo courtesy of Baker Photography
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