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   JESSE, 1823

Birth Date: December, 2002
State: New York

Jesse is an affectionate, sentimental child who collects mementos to remind him of the places he has been. He is anxious to find a family who will love him and keep him safe, but hesitant about the word “adoption” because of his grief over past family losses. In third grade, Jesse benefits from special education services to meet his emotional needs. In school, Jesse says he does not like reading, but enjoys drawing. He loves pizza and chicken wings and has a sweet tooth for desserts. His favorite restaurant is Friendlys and one of his favorite homemade dishes is Chicken Carbonara. He will need a family who is committed, understanding and able to support him as he accepts his past and moves on to build a stable future. Jesse has important people in his life with whom he would like to maintain contact.

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