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   MARCUS, 1877

Birth Date: August, 2007
State: Georgia

Marcus is an adorable toddler with a magnetic smile. He enjoys being around others and is often called “Big Poppa” or “Marky Mark” by his caregivers. As a medically fragile child, Marcus requires around-the-clock care. Through sounds, physical gestures and laughter, he is able to express his likes and dislikes. Marcus responds well to bright colors and familiar voices. He enjoys social outings, sitting outdoors, daily walks with his foster family and being near the family dog. Marcus is enrolled in a special educational program to address his significant developmental delays and speech language impairment. He also receives occupational and speech therapy on a regular basis. A special famiy, ideally one experienced with caring for medically fragile children, who can love him unconditionally, is being sought. The family will need to be able to meet his needs in a safe, stable, nurturing and permanent environment. Marcus has siblings with whom he will need to maintain contact.
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